Your Social Media Crash Course

Up your social media game with tips on how to create a professional & story-driven Instagram account.

  • Seamless Multi-Posts

    Use Illustrator to create a seamless post of multiple images that overlap from one to the other easily & learn how to export them for social media.

  • Custom Titles & Stickers For Reels

    Learn how to create and add your own custom stickers for reels to really let your church and your brand standout.

  • Make Reels & Timelapses

    Using iMovie, we will show you how to import videos or create a timelapse in Illustrator, then show you how to edit and post to Instagram!

Course curriculum

  1. Welcome

  2. Lesson 1: Creating Static Posts In Illustrator

  3. Lesson 1: Homework

  4. Lesson 2: Creating Custom Reels Stickers

  5. Lesson 2: Homework

  6. Lesson 3: Creating a Process Video Reel in Illustrator

About this course

  • 6 Instructional Videos + Bonus Materials
  • Tips & Tricks For Instagram, Reels & Adobe Illustrator
  • 3 Homework Assignments

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