About Church Media Planning

5 Days To A Solid Church Media Plan

  • Calendar Development

    Learn how top media teams are able to keep on achieving high-impact results while staying on-time and less stressed.

  • Clear Communication

    Create checks and balances that set clear expectations for team members and develop a strategy to help you keep clear communication between staff, team members and volunteers.

  • Save Time This Year

    Find out some of our top time-savers for creating high-quality media all year round. Get practical templates that you can use and modify for your own church needs.

Course curriculum

    1. Summer School Info

    1. Welcome to Church Media Planning!

    2. Creating a Framework for Church Media Planning

    3. Resource: Church Media Priorities Worksheet

    4. Resource: Task Oriented Goals Worksheet

    5. Resource: Church Media Calendar Template

    6. Helpful Links

    7. Today's To-Do List

    1. Diving Into Tasks, Timelines & Creative Requests

    2. Resource: Project Timelines Worksheet

    3. Resource: Tasks & Timelines Cheatsheet

    4. Helpful Links

    5. Today's To-Do List

    1. The Building Blocks Of The Creative Process

    2. Resource: Creative Brief Form

    3. Resource: Brainstorming Worksheet

    4. Resource: Creative Planning Mock Up

    5. Resource: Presentation Template

    6. Helpful Links

    7. Today's To-Do List

    1. Managing Social Media, Time Savers & Filling In The Gaps

    2. Resource: Social Media Content Calendar

    3. Resource: Announcement Template

    4. Helpful Links

    5. Today's To-Do List

    1. Bringing It All Together

    2. Resource: Project/Event Review Worksheet

    3. Helpful Links

    4. Today's To-Do List

    5. Congrats! You did it!

    6. Before you go...

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 31 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

What's included in the course?

  • Project & Social Media Calendars

    Get planning worksheets, calendar templates and strategies for making sure you get the most out of the church media planning process.

  • 20-Minute Lessons

    Easily fit lessons into your schedule! Each day, you will get a quick 20-minute lesson paired with action steps that will guide you through the planning process from start to finish.

  • Ready-To-Use Templates

    You will get a dozen ready-to-use templates, worksheets and cheat sheets to help you develop your own custom church media plan, save time and maximize your resources.