About Worship Songwriting

On-Demand Mini Course

This course is designed for worship leaders that have a passion to write songs that encourage the church to worship. We will look at where to start, who to involve and what creative elements to implement. You will learn the process for bringing your worship music to life with practical tips and structure to get music from the page to the stage.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Song Development + Inspiration

    Learn how to develop a daily routine of finding inspiration and incorporating strategies to encourage creative song writing into your life.

  • Elements of a Worship Song

    Identify the essential structure of worship music from basic song development to deeper worship elements that give your song the right context for your church.

  • Tools + Tips for Songwriting

    Learn how to bring structure to the songwriting process with practical tools and informed feedback to make sure your song is well-developed and ready for the stage.

Josh Engler | Instructor

My name is Josh Engler, I'm married and I have two kids and a dog. Worship has marked my life for as long as I can remember. After traveling for years as the frontman for the band that I founded called Abandon, I now work for the church that my wife and I helped get started back in 2010.

About Pro Church Media Mini Courses

  • What is a mini course?

    Pro Church Media Mini Courses are designed to be quick and practical instruction in order to help churches & creatives access the tools they need right away for creative development. They are shorter than full courses and can be taken at any time of the year. They are a great supplement to any creative team looking to take their skills to the next level!

  • What does on-demand & lifetime access include?

    When you register for a mini course from Pro Church Media, you will unlock the entire course right away and can go through it at your own pace as your schedule allows. We grant lifetime access to all of our students so that they will always be able to go back and keep learning or refreshing their skills.

  • Best-In-Class Mentorship

    Most of our courses have instructor mentorship so that you can ask questions and get feedback on what you are working on. We have some of the most experienced instructors in the industry and continue to add to our team of elite mentors who are passionate about helping students get the most out of every course.

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