This course includes...

  • Step-By-Step Instruction

    Flex your creative muscles and develop a sermon series design package from start to finish. Each week, get guided lessons, homework projects and mentorship.

  • Resources + Tips

    Find out from the expert - the best resources for series design creation, how to use them and tips for making sure your designs are top-notch.

  • Lifetime Access

    We don't limit your learning to just a few weeks. Get lifetime access to lessons so that you can revisit and refresh your knowledge down the road.


Sermon Series Design Bootcamp

Take your sermon series designs to the next level! We are proud to partner with Alex Watson from Pixel Preacher to help you create outstanding sermon series designs from scratch. Alex is an expert in creating and developing sermon series packages for the church. He will guide students through the entire process. Peer over his shoulder as he walks through the series design process and get his expert advice as you create your own.
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