Collage Design Fundamentals

What you will learn in this course...

  • Getting Started With Collage Design

    One of the most important aspects of getting started with a more advanced design in Photoshop is creating a plan using storyboarding and color theory, Dustin will show you his tips on how to start with a strong direction for your project.

  • Finding The Right Images For Your Design

    A large part of collage design work takes a lot of time-consuming and refined skills like cutting out and placing imagery. Learn how to save time and get the most out of this stage in the process to make it as painless as possible!

  • Bringing Your Design Elements Together

    Learn how to develop balance in your image by using color grading techniques and shadowing details that bring depth and cohesiveness to your project. Lastly, learn how to create a strong title with well-balanced typography to finish out with a great design!

Dustin Cooper | Instructor

Dustin Cooper is a 32 year old graphic designer based out of Toledo Ohio. After graduating from Hillsong College in 2007, he went to work on staff at Calvary Church in Toledo for four years as the creative director. In 2013 he took the leap to become a full-time freelancer so that he could help more churches and businesses through graphic design. He ended 2018 having helped 52 churches, businesses, and music artists across the country.

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