Ready to start a creative business or side hustle?

Get veteran tips on how to succeed (and avoid common mistakes) in the creative field.

What you will learn in this course

  • Growth With Purpose

    Start building a strong foundation by identifying the why behind your creative business and learn how personal purpose drives business decisions.

  • Positioning Your Company

    Be unique. Be different. Learn ways to develop a unique brand that shows off your skills and how that can be used to position your company in a crowd of competition.

  • Processes

    Start developing important processes such as internal and external project management that will keep you on track and on schedule.

  • Budgeting Projects & Your Company

    Understand how to manage overhead, cash flow, using your company budget to establish project budgets, invoicing and more!

  • Sales & Marketing Essentials

    Yep! Sales and marketing is essential for creative businesses too! Learn tips on how to get sales conversions, finding and managing leads, developing value and much more.

Meet Your Instructor

Instructor Dustin Schultz

I started my journey in video production like many, a few projects here and there, volunteering at my church, and eventually beginning a trade name and a "business". Now, I did have some additional experience added to that; a couple years working in broadcast news, a couple years at other production studios, & an Emmy Award, but none of that set me up for actually running a financially successful creative business. My next step was to spend many hours and thousands of dollars on business coaches and industry consultants to teach me how to not just have the production studio I wanted, but for it to be an economical success as well. Now, 7 years into my company, I want to share the processes I use to run a successful company. Over the years we've won and continue to work with clients like ESPN, Cigna, TBS, Pfizer, and more. Not to mention a few more Emmy and Telly Awards along the way. To me, running a successful company isn't just about the finances though. It's also about creating freedom and flexibility of time. With how I've built my company I was able to take 2 months away to produce Bethel Music's first ever feature length film and my company ran and produced projects while I was gone. This is my goal for you; financial stability and freedom of time.

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