After Effects Launch

Fall 2019

After Effects Launch

After Effects Launch will teach you the essential skills to start creating motion design for your church with confidence. This course makes learning After Effects as easy and FUN as possible. You’ll learn by doing real-world projects for your church and getting feedback from church media pros who have experience in the unique world of church animation.
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After Effects Launch


  • When do classes start & how long is the course?

    The Fall 2019 Session of After Effects Launch starts on Sept. 16, 2019. The official course runs for 7 weeks. The breakdown of the course is: Orientation week, 6 weeks of lessons, and a 2 week extended critique period for final homework projects and any additional feedback.

  • Do I need to sign-on at a certain time for lessons?

    Nope! We have stuctured these courses to be super flexible! How it works is each week new lessons and homework assignments will be made available in your student portal on Mondays. You will then have the entire week to complete the lessons and homework and get personalized feedback from your instructor. We are very flexible with schedules and accomodate any timezone!

  • How long will I have access to lessons & feedback?

    Students will have lifetime access to all lessons and materials provided in our courses. Feedback is available throughout the entire course + 2 additional weeks for an extended time of critique.

  • What experience & software do I need to take After Effects Launch?

    No experience is necessary! After Effects launch is designed to help anyone who is either new to After Effects or wants to start honing their skills in animation. Each lesson has flexibility for more advanced students while being simple enough for beginners. The only software you need is Adobe After Effects and Media Encoder.

  • What kinds of animation will I learn?

    We cover the basics of After Effects and take a deeper dive in the following: text animation, lighting, looping, motion background design, creating transitions and more. All of the homework assignments can be used right away in your church or organization, so you can apply what you are learning right away.

  • I want to learn animation, but I don't work for a church. Will this course still help me?

    Yes! What makes this course best-in-class is that it teaches everyone the essentials of animation in After Effects no matter what the application. We are also one of the top animation courses that is affordable for everyone, so if you aren't sure if animation is right for you, After Effects Launch is a great way to test it out! Also, our course instructor works for both churches and agencies all over the world and can help aspiring animators with dealing with both.

  • What happens if I signed up but can't take the course?

    Since all of our courses grant lifetime access, you will be able to catch up or go over the lessons whenever you need! In special circustances, we can set up private critique times outside of a normal class if needed. Since the lessons are always available, once you are registered, the course is non-refundable.